Trust, Safety & Insurance

At univasa you our customers are our main priority and your safety is our sole concern. So everytime you book a ride, a service or a delivery we ensure you get a safe experience always!

How? We have the profiles of all the providers thoroughly verified so as to ensure your safety is always maintained. However, in a situation where you may feel at danger we have a support team that you can contact and they take care of the rest or you can contact your close family or friends directly from the app itself and let them know the situation.

For us you our valued providers and your safety matters the most. Therefore we have made sure that when you use the app you are not sent to jobs to areas that may seem unsafe or having criminal history.

Also after any delivery, ride or service we make sure to take an anonymous feedback to know the overall experience and improve it if necessary. 
We have a very stringent insurance policy to ensure that the services you receive are 100% safe. So, we make sure to have providers who are thorough professionals and have their own Commercial Auto Insurance. This way we make sure your safety and the safety of the providers also remains intact.

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